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Welcome to the Hog Blog! (also: Why Pedigrees are a good/important thing)

Hi everyone! I thought that having a blog here would make the site a bit more personal, and also I could share some tips or thoughts or updates in general with you as I think of them!

As you may have noticed, I do not have any babies available for the holidays. I know I have in the past, and it is definitely on the table for 2024, but for 2023, I began a whole new personal chapter of my life, so, I needed to take a break this year. The cats, dogs, hogs, and I moved in with my significant other, which has been amazing! We went to NYC in April to see my favorite band, Depeche Mode! Then we went to Arkansas in October for my sister's wedding!

I also went back to college this fall semester. Very excited to work on my bachelor's and then my master's!

So now I can settle down and focus on our hedgie program.

I feel like you should know upfront, I do not breed unpedigreed hedgehogs. Do you know who does? Backyard breeders, AKA BYBs. BYBs are typically thinking breeding hedgehogs is easy, it's a quick buck, they have tons of hogs, have no pedigrees, do not offer health guarantees or lifetime support.

I DO offer health guarantees, as well as lifetime support for the life of your hedgehog and then some. All of my little herd's pedigrees are on my computer, in a software system, so I can compare and contrast them. (I also keep hard copies.) I also register my herd with The Hedgie List. I know where all of my hedgehogs came from. (It's also nice to have a friendly relationship with other breeders.) So I know they are not inbred. So I know their chances of being healthy are as high as I can help them be. So I can help enhance the hedgehog gene pool with good genetics, for the greater good of the species. Also, so I can potentially guess at what colors I might expect. However, most hedgehog breeders know, you never can tell. THIS is why pedigrees are a good thing. Not a status thing. Just making sure that the animals that go from my home to your home are of the best quality possible.

I am hoping for some lighter babies in the beginning of this year, and perhaps also some darker babies with cool facial markings. We will see how it goes!

Please keep all fingers and toes crossed for the good health of our mamas & babies due on Christmas Eve!


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