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Texas People!

Quick reminder that it is currently cold, and it’s supposed to get below freezing over the next few days.

Make sure to keep your hedgehog warm so they do not attempt to hibernate!! Have a space heater nearby to keep the room temperature warm. Also, if you’re in the great state of TEXAS, make sure you have some Hot Hands (you can buy at Walmart, Amazon, almost anywhere) on hand in case the grid goes down. Lots of comforters, pillowcases, etc can help as well. If you suspect your hedgehog is trying to hibernate, skin to skin contact is the BEST method for warming them up.

DO NOT PUT THEM IN WATER TO WARM THEM UP! Water can make your hedgie go into shock. It will cause organ failure which can lead to heart attack and death. So please do not try that!

I hope everyone stays safe and warm and the power stays ON!

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