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Hoglets is such a funny word for baby hedgehogs. In any event, with any luck, we will hopefully have some hoglets BORN on or around Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I can't imagine a more amazing gift! They should be ready to go home around Valentine's Day, as long as they are thriving and fully weaned.

We are also planning a litter that should be BORN around Valentine's Day. If all goes to plan it should be a STUNNING lighter litter of cinnicots/apricots/cinnamons. This is my personal favorite color of hedgehog, always has been. So I am SUPER excited to see how this litter will turn out!

If you are looking for an available baby hedgehog, read our POLICIES page and fill out an application HERE.

You are always welcome to reach out to us, as well!

Email or text 469-629-8987

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