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Welcome to Hedgehaus Hedgehogs! We are an ethical hobby hedgehog breeder in Dallas, TX.

Sweet, home-raised, pedigreed hedgehogs. Breeding for health, temperament, & conformation!

Hedgehog lovers since 1997.



About Us

Hedgehaus Hedgehogs is a small, ethical hobby breeder of African Pygmy hedgehogs located in Irving, TX. (Dallas-Fort Worth - DFW) We work with excellent hedgehog breeders across the US to ensure that all of our hedgehogs are pedigreed and of the highest quality.

We remain a small HOBBY breeder so we can focus on giving our little herd the best care possible, and provide our babies with individualized attention. Our goal is to provide healthy, friendly, & amazing pets. We pride ourselves on making sure that all adopters are thoroughly educated on proper hedgehog care before taking their new babies home. We will never just take your money, hand you a hedgehog, and leave. Setting you up for success also sets your baby hedgehog up for success, which is the ultimate goal. Our reviews mean the world to us, and they speak for themselves. 

We are registered with NAHHI (North American Hedgehog Herd Initials Registry) and The Hedgie List Pedigree Resource. We are also big fans of NAQA (North American Quills Association). 

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